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Wix Website and Wix Studio Website Templates
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Wix, founded in 2006 in Israel, is a cloud-based website builder that has revolutionized web design with its no-code, user-friendly approach. We offer a range of options based on four editors e.g. Wix Editor, Wix ADI, Editor X & Wix Studio. In Wix ADI, AI designs sites automatically whereas with Wix Studio is the latest Editor with sheer versatility of Wix. Wix allows to create and publish basic sites for free, although the free plan has a 500 MB storage limit.


Wix is also well-equipped for e-commerce, supports up to 50,000 products in its online store and enables you to add 100 static pages to your site. Behind it all is JavaScript, both for client and backend code, and Velo is the name of the new programming language for the Wix platform. Wix's global reach is impressive, with websites availability across 190 countries and supporting 30 languages.


In 2020, there was a rapid boast in subscribers i.e. 196.7 million, and its SEO tools, including Wix SEO Wiz, that made it a capable choice for search engine optimization. It's no surprise that 45,000 new users join Wix daily, given its 800 design templates, multi-cloud web hosting, and the ability to handle thousands of visitors simultaneously. To enhance functionality, Wix offers a vast selection of plugins, apps, and add-ons, making it a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to create a powerful online presence.

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Wix Studio Website Design


Wix Studio being a hub of innovations, offers code-free animations and infinite creative potential. Start your carriers in our responsive editors, amazingly add effects like scroll, loop, click, hover, and much more to portrait your vision. Elevate your designs with custom CSS, adding unique styles & animations. We make dynamic components with style changes in real-time and simplifying workflow with global adjustments. We sometimes, binds AI for responsive intricacies & optimize sections effortlessly. Furthermore, we deal with app development using our Blocks workspace & reach a massive audience on our app market with over 245 million potential customers.

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Custom Breakpoints: Design for different screen sizes.

➤ Automatically make sites AI responsive with a single click.

➤ Triggers & Animations: Animate elements on entry, loop, click, hover, and scroll.

➤ Repeater: Display unique content consistently, easily managed with an integrated CMS.

➤ Flexbox: Create flexible layouts with auto-adjusting boxes.

➤ Stack: Keep gaps between elements and prevent overlapping.

➤ Text Scaling: Scale text proportionally or set custom size limits.

➤ Custom CSS: Gain pixel-level control by adding your CSS.

➤ Elevate section backgrounds with custom gradient designs.

➤ Sticky Position: Elements stay fixed to the viewport while scrolling.

➤ Auto Docking: Elements attach to container edges automatically.

➤ Global Sections: Reusable headers, sections, and footers for multiple pages.

➤ Dynamic Pages: Design once, and generate countless pages with the same structure.

➤ Color Themes: Create and manage custom color palettes.

➤ Media Manager: Explore a library of free images, illustrations, videos, and more.

➤ Effortlessly add and position elements using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Wix Studio ٖFeatures
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