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Page Status Parameters in Ubersuggest: A Guide to Optimizing Your Website’s Links

Page Status Parameters in Ubersuggest
Page Status Parameters

Page Status Parameters in Ubersuggest

Page Status Parameters in Ubersuggest is an SEO tool developed by Neil Patel that offers valuable insights into various page status metrics to assist with identifying and fixing broken links on websites, blocked links, successful links, and redirected links, allowing for efficient site optimization. This article delves further into each metric, providing definitions, examples, and actionable strategies to increase link performance on any site.

Breaking Down Broken Links

Broken links, also known as dead ends, refer to any URL that does not work as intended because its destination does not exist or contains incorrect details. They often result in 404 error pages for users and harm your SEO rankings.

Example: Clicking on a link to an old article leads to a "404 Not Found" error page at (The page may have been removed or the URL mistyped)

Broken Links' Impact on SEO and User Experience

Broken links hurt both user experience and SEO. Visitors encountering 404 error pages may leave your site, increasing the bounce rate. Search engines view broken links as evidence of poor website maintenance practices that may lower their ranking.

Ubersuggest's Site Audit feature makes it easy to identify broken links on your website and then take steps to fix them as needed. Once identified, here's what Ubersuggest suggests to do:

Update or Remove: If the content has moved, update its link with its new location; if it no longer exists, remove or replace it with something relevant.

Create 301 Redirects: If you've permanently moved content, set up 301 redirects so users and search engines know about its new location.

Example of Repairing Broken Links:

Fixing broken links improves user experience and preserves the integrity of your website.

Blocked Links:

Overcoming Access Restrictions Definition: Blocked links are URLs that do not work because access to their destination page has been restricted or blocked due to geographical or network restrictions.

Example: You've tried accessing a video streaming site but are getting an error message saying the content is unavailable in your region. To view this video, go here (content is restricted based on location).

Impact on User Experience

Blocked links can frustrate users who can no longer access the content they need due to regional restrictions, paywall restrictions, or network issues.

How to Recognize and Address Blocked Links Ubersuggest can assist in identifying and resolving blocked links through user interaction tracking and reporting issues. When trying to address them, consider these strategies for resolution:

Regional Solutions:

Provide regional versions or content versions that are accessible in different regions.

Clear Communication: Inform users about any restrictions to accessing the content and suggest alternative ways.

Remove or Replace: If the content that has been blocked is no longer essential, consider either disabling it altogether or replacing it with content without restrictions. Here's an Example of Solving Blocked Links:

Provide links that lead directly to content accessible for everyone on your site for maximum user satisfaction and to avoid frustration among readers.

Successful Links: Ensuring Seamless Navigation

Definition of Successful Links: Ensuring Seamless Navigation: successful links are any URLs that work properly and lead directly to their intended destination page.

Example: Suffice it to say that after clicking a link and arriving at its target homepage - - all went according to plan! (page loads successfully).

Importance of Successful Links

A key aspect of a well-functioning website lies within its links. They ensure users can navigate efficiently, find what they are searching for quickly, and easily complete desired actions such as making purchases or subscribing to newsletters.

Regular auditing with Ubersuggest can help ensure successful link performance. Here are a few strategies for keeping links relevant:

Regular Updates:

As part of your content management workflow, regularly monitor and update links to ensure they still point to their respective pages. Mes Quality Assurance: Integrate regular link-checking procedures in your routine content review workflow.

User Testing: Conduct regular user tests of your site's navigation to detect and repair any broken or misdirected links and keep successful ones functioning optimally.

Examples of Maintaining Successful Links:

Ubersuggest offers consistent monitoring to ensure all links function correctly and direct visitors to their pages, creating a smooth user experience while strengthening credibility.

Redirected Links: Tracking URL Changes

Definition: Redirected links are URLs that redirect to another location than originally requested - usually through a permanent (301) or temporary (302) redirect.

Example: (Urgent!) Clicking an old product page link but being taken directly to a new product page instead. (URL of old product: redirects to

Understanding Redirects Redirects are vital for managing URL changes and maintaining SEO value. A 301 redirect indicates a permanent move, passing along any associated SEO benefits to its new URL, and 302 redirects indicate temporary moves without passing along SEO benefits.

Ubersuggest can assist in the implementation and management of redirects efficiently. Here are steps for managing redirects effectively:

Establish Redirects:

Use 301 redirects for permanent moves and 302 redirects for temporary ones, depending on your goal. Update Internal Links: Ensure all internal links point directly to your new URL to avoid unnecessary redirects.

Monitor Redirects: Review redirects periodically to ensure they remain necessary and correctly implemented. Example of Managing Redirects:

Maintain a 301 redirect to and set a redirect point there (I need to figure out the exact wording here). Proper redirect management ensures users and search engines quickly access the content they seek without hitting dead ends.

Enhancing Link Performance with Ubersuggest Ubersuggest's capabilities can help improve link performance on any website by effectively optimizing links across pages and sections. Here's how it can do just that:

Ubersuggest provides comprehensive site audits to keep on top of link issues. By detecting broken, blocked, and redirected links quickly, they can be resolved swiftly.

Example: Monthly audits provide the opportunity to identify and address any link issues as soon as they arise.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Ubersuggest is an invaluable way of discovering high-performing keywords and crafting content around them while ensuring its links lead directly to valuable resources.

Example of Content Creation: Create content based on keyword research and ensure all links are functional and appropriate.

Monitor and Tune Link Performance

Ubersuggest's analytics can be used to assess and adjust link performance. Observe metrics such as click-through rates and user engagement rates to gauge how well your links are doing, making necessary modifications as necessary.

Example: By using Ubersuggest to monitor and optimize links in your top blog posts, you can monitor their effectiveness and make necessary changes when necessary.

Optimizing your website links is key to maintaining an effective online presence and offering users a satisfying experience. Ubersuggest provides invaluable insights into page status metrics, helping you identify issues such as broken, blocked, successful, and redirected links and leverage its comprehensive tools to manage them efficiently and seamlessly across devices and browsers. Regularly auditing your site, updating and working links, and using Ubersuggest's comprehensive tools can significantly boost SEO performance and provide seamless experiences for visitors - whether experienced SEO experts or just starting; mastering these techniques will put your website on a path toward success!


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